Benjamin Jouet was born in Provence, and grew up in a beautiful natural environment, surrounded by fields of flowers and lavender. As a kid, he used to pick up flowers to make bouquets for his beloved grand mother.

Upon graduating from university with a degree in horticulture and landscaping, Benjamin Jouet had the privilege to work for beautiful gardens in the South of France such as Chartreuse de Villeuneuve lès Avignon (cultural centre, historic monument) Domaine de Murtoli (luxury resort), and Harmas Jean Henri Fabre (Museum of Natural History).

After living in France for years, Benjamin moved to the far East to work in beautiful private gardens in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Japan.

After years of working in the field of landscaping, he decided to become a florist, and moved to Hong Kong and Japan to work for high class weddings and delivered French-style arrangement classes to beginners and professionals. Benjamin Jouet recently worked as a florist and flower arrangement instructor in Seoul, Korea.

His inspiration originated from both his childhood and his experiences abroad, and stemmed from dramatic gardens, nature, and arts. Benjamin Jouet cares for details and emphasizes the use of fresh flowers in arrangements, making his style unique and outstanding.