Flower arranging class

Let’s learn to make beautiful flower arrangement and become a real florist!

Want to make an unique bouquet, set a table with flower displays, make a flower wreath?
Benjamin Jouet provides these classes and teaches you the tips to make your own flower arrangements easily, how to combine colours, and make different floral designs.
His style expresses the refinement of French tradition.

Who is this class for?

This class is intended for people who want to learn French floral styles and techniques, from arranging bouquets including flower wreaths and flower vases, to setting up stylish floral tables.
Students will be taught in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and are encouraged to develop their own creativity. Students’ individual learning needs will be addressed, and they are welcomed to stay after class to ask questions.
Benjamin Jouet teaches at all levels, from beginner to professional. He has experience teaching in famous Korean and Japanese schools for several years.

How long is a class?

Each class takes approximately 2 hours

How to book?

Contact Benjamin via email: benjaminjouet@live.fr
Or kakao/line: benjaminlekiwi

In what language will the class be conducted?

Mainly in French or English.
Benjamin Jouet can also communicate in basic Korean and Japanese languages.

벤자민 선생님의 스타일은 남프랑스 프로방스에서 불어오는 바람을 느끼게끔 해주었답니다 !

His style of arrangements sends us a wind from the province in the southern France!

Son style d'arrangement floral nous a amené un vent de Provence !

Izumi Matsuo, Japan

벤자민 선생님은 학생들에게 어떻게 작품을 만들면 좋을지 알려주기보다는 꽃을 많이 만져보고 항상 자유롭게 만들어보라고 하셨어요. 다른 선생님들은 작품을 만드는 것을 보여주신 후에 똑같거나 유사하게 만들도록 가르쳐주셔서 항상 숙제하는 기분이었는데 벤자민 선생님은 진정으로 꽃을 사랑하고 꽃꽂이를 즐길수 있도록 이끌어주셨어요. 그리고 벤자민 선생님의 작들품은 모두 정형화되지 않은 자연스러운 아름다움을 담은 작품들로, 매번 창의적인 아이디어로 새로운 작품을 만들어내시는 걸 보며 매번 감탄하고 있답니다

Mr Benjamin teached students to enjoy flowers and make it free at all times, rather than telling to reproduce his work. Other teachers taught me to make the same or similar after showing me how to make a work, so I always feel like doing homework. Teacher Benjamin really led me to love flowers and enjoy flower arrangements. And Benjamin's works are full of natural beauty, with always creative ideas.

Benjamin nous a enseigné son style en nous laissant libre de nous exprimer au lieu de nous dire de reproduire une composition florale à réaliser. Les autres enseignants m'ont appris à faire la même chose après avoir réalisé la composition florale. Benjamin m'a vraiment appris à apprécier les fleurs et l'arrangement floral. Et ses compositions sont naturelles, belles et toujours créatives.

Juyean Lee, Korea

벤자민 선생님의 수업을 서울에서 들었어요.
편안한 분위기에서 저의 첫 플라워 클래스를 즐길 수 있었습니다.

I was able to enjoy my first flower class in a relaxed atmosphere.

J'ai pu apprécier mon premier cours d'art floral dans une bonne ambiance.

Jihye Park, Korea

저의 실력을 향상시키고 싶어 선생님의 수업을 듣게 되었어요. 테크닉과 꽃꽂이에 대해 많은 걸 배울 수 있었습니다. 선생님께서 수업시간동안 유익한 팁을 많이 알려주셨어요.

I wanted to improve my skills. I learned a lot about techniques and flower arrangements. Benjamin gave me lots of helpful tips during the class.

Je voulais améliorer ma technique, j'ai appris beaucoup de choses. Benjamin m'a donné beaucoup de conseils tout au long du cours.

Camille Ferrer, France

벤자민 선생님께 핸드타이 부케를 배웠어요.
프렌치 스타일의 아름다운 부케를 만들 수 있어서 정말 좋았답니다.

I learned a handtied bouquet from Benjamin.
It was really nice to be able to make a beautiful bouquet of French style.

J'ai appris à faire un bouquet et c’était super de réaliser un très beau bouquet de style français.

Ayako Kawano, Japan